Yoga and intention

In yoga, we talk about setting intentions for our practice. The aim of the intention is to bring attention and awareness to a virtue, a quality, which you would like to cultivate, and the goal is to also bring this intention off the mat and in to the world. Intentions can be things like gratitude, patience, love, being present in the moment or being open to receive guidance and love.


So on Monday when my “yoga week” started I thought; right, time to set an intention, my intention will be “I am open to creativity and inspiration, I am ready to receive”.


Then I went to a yoga class in the morning and the teacher said “In my practice this morning, the thought of letting go kept coming up, so we are going to focus on that today”, which we did, but my intention was still “I’m open, I’m ready to receive”.


Now, I believe that all things are connected, and I believe in signs. If something keeps popping up that I take notice of, I feel like I’m noticing this for a reason and that it’s worth paying attention to.


Later in the afternoon I went to another yoga class. (Because I bought one of those discount cards to the Yoga Barn and with only two days left in Bali I still had four classes on the card). In the beginning of this second class, the teacher said, “So today, we’re going to focus on letting go”.


Okay, so letting go is a common intention, but so is “staying present” or “open up to receive”. But having heard “letting go” twice now, I thought, there must be something to this, there must be something that I’m holding on to and need to let go of. Because how will you be able to receive if you are holding on to old stuff? So I started thinking, “what will I have to let go of, in order to be able to receive creativity and inspiration?”


Immediately things started to pop up: I need to let go of my fear of failure, I need to let go of my attachment to getting “likes” on social media, I need to let go of trying to do things “the right way”, of trying to make things “perfect”, I need to let go of expectation, of the fear of doing things the “wrong way”.


So this is my intention “I’m letting go of fear and expectation”.


I’m letting go, letting go, letting go.



2 thoughts on “Yoga and intention

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  2. Sofi I love that you’ve started doing your blogs in English! I’ve woken up early and before I have to get up and tick more things off the wedding list, I finally had a chance to read them. You are a very talented writer. Can’t wait to read your book!

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