“Dare to be wildly inconsistent”

You know when hear something, like a saying or a quote, and you’re like “YES!” and it totally resonates with you?! The other morning I had one of those moments. I was at a yoga class at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, and during savasana (that bit in the end of class when you get to lie down and relax, i.e. the best bit) the teacher read us a poem, and one line just jumped out at me.

“Dare to be wildly inconsistent”

I love that!

Being inconsistent is something that I’ve been struggling with, and feeling guilty about, for years. We tend to put people we meet and ourselves in to little boxes with clear, easy-to-grasp labels. “Yogi” “party-girl” “journalist” “backpacker” “waitress” “student”. Each label carries certain qualities and dictate that you “should” be in certain ways. Backpackers don’t stay in fancy hotels, and party-girls don’t stay at home and read a book on a Saturday night.

Obviously it’s never that clear-cut, and we can have more than one label at the same time, and we evolve and move through them as well. However, I feel that sometimes it’s hard to let your different sides co-exist. You feel judged. Even if it’s just you, judging yourself.

In the past this has led me to go from one extreme to the other. I used to be a bit of a shopaholic (some *Bruce* might say I still am). Then I went backpacking and in my mind, in order to be a “real” backpacker I couldn’t care so much about clothes and “stuff”, so I gave more than half of it away (and went out and bought a smaller bag, hehe, the irony). I was also a “party-girl”, and then I discovered yoga and for a while there I was on a “no alcohol-no caffeine-vegetarian going vegan-with a side of spirulina and chia seeds” spin. You get the picture. I have found a middle ground now, I think, mostly. But sometimes I still feel like I should do this or I shouldn’t do that.

Which is why this statement feels so inspiring. Yes, I will be more daring, I will be inconsistent and it will feel fantastic, because the truth is that:

I love yoga, green juices and I eat a mostly “healthy” and vegetarian diet. But I also really like mojitos, a glass of red wine and a good steak every now and then. And I love Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnuts and salty liquorice!

I enjoy getting up early in the morning, go for long walks and get stuff done, but I also love sleeping in and staying in bed scrolling through instagram and facebook and pinterest for hours.

I appreciate spending time in nature, reading, writing and thinking about spirituality and practice meditation. But one of my favourite things in the world is to spend hours browsing through second-hand stores (and other stores, most stores, come to think of it) because I love fashion and interior design, love fashion, because I think it’s a lot of fun.

And when I travel I don’t mind staying in the cheapest hostel and eat local street food, but I also don’t mind staying somewhere fancy and buy expensive “western food” if that is what I feel like.

One day I can practice yoga in some old “baba-pants” (those baggy harem pants) bought for next-to-nothing at a market somewhere, and the next I’m wearing expensive-as-hell Lululemon pants.

You see what I’m getting at? Turns out I’m already quite inconsistent. But I want to dare to be proudly wildly inconsistent! No more guilty “should” and “shouldn’t”.  

This is the whole poem, borrowed from Jeff Fosters facebook page. What line jumps out at you?



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