“Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

How did my first “weekly project” go?

Well! It started out great, like most new projects do, with me full of motivation and ready to go. I was still in Ubud and took classes at the Yoga Barn, two on Monday and two on Tuesday. Strong start! (And exhausting, 3 hours of yoga a day was, hard. But amazing!) From there it started to go downhill. I was losing momentum, or something.

Wednesday I was supposed to fly to Australia, and I got up to practice in my room before heading to the airport. My plan the evening before was to do an hour, but I was a little bit nervous (I’m always nervous before going to the airport) so I only managed to do 15 minutes. Then when my flight was cancelled and I got to stay in Bali, I thought “great, heaps of time for yoga”. And I did have a lot of time, seeing as I was staying by myself and all, but I was feeling restless and scattered and couldn’t keep myself on the mat for more than 15 minutes at a time. So I did a few sunsalutations and stretches in the morning and then the same again in the afternoon. And this is a little bit interesting, because if I think about it, obviously with the uncertainty of not knowing when I was going to go home and just not knowing what was going on, it should’ve been the best time for me to practice, but I didn’t. Why? I still don’t know. Probably because I was too much in my head, and even though I felt like (and thought that) I was calm, I was probably worried and stressed about not knowing, so it was uncomfortable to be in the moment, and instead of working through it, I put my head in the sand, so to speak, and went and did something else.

Anyways. I got back to Australia, and it was nice to be back, nice to see Bruce again, nice to cook my own food and be able to do laundry and sleep in my own bed. But I think I still got in to that post-holiday-blues-mood that I have a tendency to get to after traveling.

So this should also have been a great opportunity to practice yoga, be present, work things through, but I spent zero minutes on my yogamat and planted myself instead on the sofa, with Netflix, a glass of red wine and a bag of candy (“Turkisk peppar”, which is salty liquorice, which absolutely does not go with red wine at all!)

So yeah, that was my yoga week. Conclusion; it’s was harder than I thought to stick to something for a whole week, but I enjoyed it, and I’ve been enjoying writing on the blog so I still think that it’s a fun project!

And now on to week two! Week two is “Gratitude week”, my “mission” this week is to a) write in my gratitude journal every day and b) to read “The Magic” and c) keep blogging!

I believe gratitude has a huge impact on our wellbeing. When we “count out blessings” we get the opportunity to stop for a moment and focus on all that is good in our lives. Usually there is so much striving, so much want; I want more time, a slimmer body, a new pair of jeans, a holiday, fresh flowers, more money, more sunshine… there seem to always be things to desire. But if we stop and think about it, we have a whole bunch of stuff already, and I think one of the keys to real happiness in life is to really really notice these things and be grateful.

So, top of my gratitude list;

I’m grateful for all the relationships in my life, for Bruce, for my loving family, and for all my beautiful amazing friends. Without all these people, all the other stuff wouldn’t really matter anyway. I am grateful to have you all in my life!

Second, I’m grateful for my health. For my body, for the fact that I wake up every morning and can go to work, practice yoga, go for walks and do whatever I want without having to worry about it.

I’m also very grateful that I get to live in Australia. And that I also have the opportunity to go back to Sweden every year. That I get to decide where I want to live my life, it’s not something everyone can take for granted, and I feel blessed that everything worked out for us, that I got my visa, and especially for the freedom to choose!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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One thought on ““Gratitude turns what we have into enough”

  1. Thanks for the reminder Sofi. Being grateful is one of the greatest contributors to happiness I think. Being content with what we have. Also, salty liquorice is my favourite! Yum! X

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