Monday meditation

Monday. The day of fresh starts, new beginnings, turning the page and getting back on track.

My “gratitude week” last week didn’t go as planned. Like, at all. I did write in my gratitude journal. Twice. And I didn’t pick up the book I had planned on reading once. I updated the blog only once (instead of the 3-4 times I was aiming for)

I found myself making up excuses; “well, I did work long hours on the weekend, and I wasn’t at home much”, but, as the saying goes: “if you want to do something, you find a way, if not, you find an excuse”.

Two weeks in, it’s safe to say that my little projects aren’t going all that well. This would usually be the time when I go “right, so this isn’t working, might as well give up”. But no no no, you guys, not this time! This time I’m sticking too it. And I guess that is part of the project as well. To not give up so easily, to realise that there will be ups and downs and to accept that and keep going anyway.

So this week my project focuses on meditation, 20 minutes a day is the goal.

And, to quote Paulo Coelho and The Alchemist (one of my favourite books) “When you want something, all the universe conspires to help you”. I went online to oneoeight to find a yogaclass to take this afternoon, but instead I came across a 20 minute video clip titled “Monday meditation” led by Rachel Brathen (aka Yogagirl). Hows that for meaningful coincidence?! Thank you, Universe!

She talked about setting an intention for the week (like what I wrote about here). The first thing I thought was “gratitude”. Then my mind went “no, gratitude was last week, think of something else” so I tried, and my mind was like “right, creativity! No wait, peace! No no hang on, acceptance!!!” and then Rachel was like “whatever resonates with your heart, anything that comes to mind first, that’s usually a great intention to set”. So I settled on gratitude. And it makes sense; it all ties in together, my first week was yoga, my second was gratitude and now I’m working with meditation. It’s all connected; they all go hand in hand and build on each other.

So my intention this week is to keep cultivating gratitude in my daily life. And today I’m grateful that instead of giving up, I decided to try meditation and then I took the time sit down and write this. Baby steps. Let’s see if I can keep it up this week!

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