“Dare to be wildly inconsistent”

You know when hear something, like a saying or a quote, and you’re like “YES!” and it totally resonates with you?! The other morning I had one of those moments. I was at a yoga class at the Yoga Barn in Ubud, and during savasana (that bit in the end of class when you get to lie down and relax, i.e. the best bit) the teacher read us a poem, and one line just jumped out at me. “Dare to be wildly inconsistent” I love that! Being inconsistent is something that I’ve been struggling with, and feeling guilty about, for … Continue reading “Dare to be wildly inconsistent”

Stranded in Bali, and yoga in “real life”

When most of us think about yoga, we think of the asana – the physical postures of the practice. We think of our yoga practice in terms of what we do on the mat. And we can feel our bodies changing, growing stronger and more flexible. We might experience that our minds calm down and we feel less stressed. This is great, this is what attracted me to yoga, and also the reason I keep coming back, because it feels good. But sometimes I find myself in situations, in life, far away from my mat, where I still experience the … Continue reading Stranded in Bali, and yoga in “real life”

Yoga and intention

In yoga, we talk about setting intentions for our practice. The aim of the intention is to bring attention and awareness to a virtue, a quality, which you would like to cultivate, and the goal is to also bring this intention off the mat and in to the world. Intentions can be things like gratitude, patience, love, being present in the moment or being open to receive guidance and love.   So on Monday when my “yoga week” started I thought; right, time to set an intention, my intention will be “I am open to creativity and inspiration, I am … Continue reading Yoga and intention

I believe we are all worthy of our own love!

The other day a friend took a photo of me, and when I looked at it I thought, “oh, I look really nice” and I felt happy. The road to that thought, “I look really nice” have been so long.   This is big stuff, and I want to tell you about it.   I have come to a point in my life where I am happy with myself, with who I am and how I look. I’m not trying to brag, and I’m not saying I’m perfect (what is “perfect” anyway?), but I’m content. This feeling have been getting … Continue reading I believe we are all worthy of our own love!

Lite tankar om att uppskatta nuet

Jag kommer ihåg en regnig eftermiddag i Indien. Jag satt på vad som hade blivit mitt favoritkafé. Regnet smattrade på plåttaket, luften var varm och fuktig och fick mina färgglada hippie kläder att klibba mot kroppen. Framför mig stod en halvdrucken chai och det luktade vitlök och curry från köket en trappa ner. Jag satt där på de skitiga kuddarna med min bok och en helt ledig dag framför mig, inga måsten i världen. Jag hade drömt och fantiserat om det där ögonblicket i flera månader. Ensam i Indien, tid att läsa, skriva, reflektera och ”bara vara”. Men när jag … Continue reading Lite tankar om att uppskatta nuet